Say Hello to my Chili Pants

O rainy day you always makes me think about Indomie and cabe rawit the perfect match made in heaven. LOL last week was my busiest and stressing week but Alhamdulillah everything went well so today I could make another illustration! I'm so happy whenever I could play with my tools to draw something. anyway, back to Indomie and cabe rawit, I was talking to my boyfriend who live in Japan for couple years about what he would miss from his hometown. the answer is definitely what Indonesian commonly answer; sambel. he said there is no chili like rawit. OMG! I know God must be love Indonesian so much haha I was laughing at him when suddenly my brother call me after cooking Indomie Mie Goreng and I jumped from my bed to chase my love Indomie. I ate it in front of my boyfriend on Skype and (of course) he looked upset because there's no way for him to go out the hostel in the middle of night just to buy Indomie. haha I miss him so much!

anyway, the sudden idea pops out into this chili pants! nothing can beat her hotness right now.

Chili Whili


Ristania's Post Wedding Party

will update this post very soon! :P
<3 L

Midnight Tought

Dear blog, when the first time I decided to create you, I knew I'd like to make you my diary.
But the day changes and I see some people turned their blog into a concept like fashion, make up, cooking, tutorial, etc, with a very good image quality in every posts and cute blog layout. They are all adorable! So, I changed my mind. I just wanna be like them, my favorite blogger. "I'll never know. maybe I could be adorable like them too!" (Seriously, it was the ridiculous statement I've ever said to myself). I started posting OOTD. You can guess. Yap, it's always failed! First, I don't have a nice spot in my house. Second, I'm not like those shoppers who always update their closet every month. Third, I don't have good cameras with tripod to help me taking pictures from head to toe. At that time, I know I shouldn't be fashion blogger (why on earth I have such thought?!). I should have known it from the beginning not because of those reasons I told you but I knew I just don't have that sparks. After deleting some blog posts I paused blogging. I feel unattractive at all, nothing special happen to my life, I got nothing to tell, to post, to share. And I know no one will care and read my blog too. So what's the point of being hours in front of your screen doing something for nothing? At least, this what I thought back then. When I feel lonely, I don't really feel lonely because as an introvert person of course I do enjoy it. The problem is when I need a 'friend' to talk. I'm not kind of person who always bump into someone and tell them everything that I feel. I prefer to keep it all by myself. But you know I'm only human being and have a limit. Sometimes I couldn't go further because it's too heavy to carry it alone. I need someone or at least I need a place to pour my heartfelt and let my thoughts go. And I remember I still have my diary, where no one bother to read or care about it. Since then, I start writing my diary (read: blogging) after a long pause.

I'll write you another story dear Diary.

Love, Cikita