My New Skin Care

setelah sekitar 2 bulan berhenti pakai sabun perawatan dari dokter kecantikan, saya ganti ke sabun biasa sampai akhirnya saya tertarik dengan penawaran skin care Oriflame dari temen saya dan beralih lagi ke rangkaian Oriflame Love Nature Tea Tree Purifying Oily Skin.

UP Headquarters

it's raining outside and I'm here on my desk doodling what I see around me til 4 PM. you know whaaa' it's time for yoga! yeaaay....


Failed Color Palette

these are step by step how I make a color palette for @iwearup :D
what to do:
1) I must see the shoe color's composition and make a swatch. after that I Googling some random food photos that have similar colors with the shoe.
2) start tracing the photo I just downloaded from Google and put a little color marks.
3) Ta-da we're done guys!
nope we're not done yet...
finally, your bento is ready to served!

enjoy your bento dear guys!


Hi, How Are You?

as my boss asked me for illustrating a happy girl so I've made it last week. this is not my final artwork. it's just a scratch that I made in Photoshop. because when I discuss it to my boss today, she wants something cute like  'chibi' rather than a girl with a typical pretty face. well, I'm not going to delete it because she's still looking cute even it's just a scratch hehe so I present my lady for you.

today, I just want to say alhamdulillah Allah for giving me amazing day everyday. you send me a bunch of friends and all people that make me realize how lucky I am. I've learned a lot this year and I'm not gonna stop learning. thank you for those who remember my birthday. when reading your messages I couldn't stop say amin amin and amin because of  your kind and sweet words!

masih banyak yang ingin saya capai tahun ini. banyak banget! satu tahun terakhir betul-betul berlalu dengan banyak banget pelajaran tentang apapun. harapan saya tahun ini dan berikutnya mudah-mudahan bisa lebih mempraktekan hal baik yang udah saya pelajarin tahun lalu. yang lebih penting lagi semoga saya bisa menjadi muslimah yang lebih taat lagi ibadahnya.

I wish you all the best too! :)