ASEAN Literary Festival x Morning Drawing

one of my work was published in 2014 for ASEAN Literary Festival held by students of English Literature UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta. I was honored to be involve in such art and culture exhibition for the very first time. I supposed to participate in two exhibitions last year but one of the event organizer cancelled it because a serious (and silly) problem. I wish I could have more chances to participate in art exhibitions.

thank you very much Morning Drawing and also my collaboration partner Iman to create a beautiful messy botanical illustration you really know how to make me working so damn hard haha! I did the illustration of the girl and coloring them all using classic color pencil from Faber-Castell but for background I use Chinese black ink.

yes, to be a full time worker in a company means I commit to use my most productive time at work trying my best to get the tasks done in time and 100% approved. I'm still far from best and you know the expert will walk after the one who never stops learning. so, it doesn't matter if you master it or not as long as you want to learn.

good morning!


First Trial Abstract Painting

hola guys! let's throwback my experimental works about a year or two years ago. I used old drawing papers, red watercolor and black chinese ink. I accidentally made these paintings because I was too excited about my new black ink. I put in my brush to the tube and I had no idea that the ink was really pigmented and my brush absorbed too much ink from the tube. so I randomly find papers and make something out of them. I still have three paintings left in my drawer. I will post them too and also update this post!

I added some doodles to my painting collection's collage so it can be more 'me'. have a nice day!


Thieves Like Us - Shyness

the song I must really really share to you (or maybe not) my old crush Thieves Like Us - Shyness. I remember those days in college when I walked to my almost-end class... hehe

this wasn't an official video. it is from a movie named Swedish Love Story and they're still cute tho!


Too Cool To Be True

to set a new goal every new year is always exciting but to execute it is always thriiiiilling!
right now I'm trying to focus on my full time job, freelance job, (trying so hard to be) a blogger, my brainchild, housekeeping, and wh-wh-what??? how can I focus on so many things?! Zzzz
whatever I know I can! hehe :P

anyway good morning dear you...


I'm Fat but Happy

trying to use primary colors which very very bright and tacky(?).
good afternoon dear fellas, never skips your dinner with family, right?