I Found My Milky Way

hi, I can't believe it's March already! I'm so happy with my new artwork haha it's been a long time since I did something weird to myself. finally, another weird picture on my blog. yay!

#6 Elfies: UP Free Download March Calendar

happy happy March dear readers! this month is my most favorito month ever! :D
always have a good sunny day y'all!

only at

SundayInspiration: Color Me Pretty

so happy to finally found new a song for mood booster in a month ahead. I'm currently listening to Apple by Towa Tei. I've repeated it like thousand times. as for SundayInspiration, I would love to somewhat like color reference based on things from Japan. :3

scroll scroll down there, click the pot below

REVIEW: GrabTaxi Application for Android

saya mau sedikit share tentang pengalaman pertama saya menggunakan aplikasi GrabTaxi untuk Android.

awal mula saya tau keberadaan aplikasi ini melalui iklan di Radio 101JAKFM. saya merasa aplikasi ini inovasi baru yang menyenangkan dan lebih terasa aman karena identitas pengemudi dan mobil nya akan muncul saat kita berhasil reservasi jadi gak perlu khawatir. selain itu, selama bulan February GrabTaxi sedang mengadakan promo dengan kode 'AMAN' yang dicantumin saat reservasi untuk potongan biaya sebesar 20.000 Rupiah. lumayan kan ya?

review dan rating nya yang sangat bagus bikin saya jadi makin penasaran. langsung aja saya download aplikasi ini. lalu hal apakah yang terjadi selanjutnyaaa?

#88LoveLife Launching Event

let's do some throwback Tuesday. over weeks ago I went to The Goods Dept Pondok Indah Mall 2 with two of my friends for 88LoveLife's official launching. I was so happy being there because of what? first, because this book launching also collaborated with some local artists for mini exhibition. second, it's my boss's book. third, free lime squash and Strawberry toast! :9

oh look it's me waiting in line with friend!

selfie with the boss Diana Rikasari and boss's friend a.k.a my another inspiration kak Dinda Puspitasari! :)

did you also come to this event? I wanna see some of your photos, please?

ALL PHOTOS FROM http://dianarikasari.blogspot.com/2015/01/88lovelife-official-launch.html