20 Facts About Me

  1. I don't like dolls, 
  2. I don't like sugar, 
  3. I'm fine sleeping without pillow (just give me a blanket and a lotion because I couldn't be so dry and cold), 
  4. I love noodles, 
  5. I once fell in love with Egypt because I play Tomb Raider the Last Revelation, yes I love playing video games (I play some games but just two of them that I play until finish because I really love their story; Dishonored and BioShock Infinite),
  6. my first music experience was from Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1-4 (me and my bro childhood game. It's cool yet sweet, huh? And also MTV, VH1 and last.fm), 
  7. to me, music is like my mood boosters so I often 'search' new music whenever I feel like to update my iPod library (I usually browse it in last.fm and soundcloud), 
  8. I don't mind if people tell me that my music taste is out of century, lame or weird. I just need music that can 'take' me somewhere and make me feel something, 
  9. I love black. No matter how much I try to be colorful but still only black that always make me happier,
  10. fashion confuses me. I'm not the one who love being stylish, mix n match outfit or have a shopping list to stay up to date. I just love the art of making dress, the process from designing, drafting, cutting and sewing,
  11. I'm an overthinker,
  12. I easily forgot the name of people that I just met but I will never forgot their face and details,
  13. I always remember the smallest thing from conversation that most people think it wasn't useful. But sometimes it helps in the future. LOL
  14. I am the one who can't laugh whenever I watch funniest movie all alone. But it all change when I watch Korean tv show Running Man. I laugh evritym,
  15. I easily cry in any occasion,
  16. I love many languages and fluently at none. But my uncle told me to never feel hesitate to try. You may speak and sound incorrect but they will understand because it's not your native language. And I'll do the same to all people who also learn Bahasa,
  17. I can't handle kids. At least not today. Maybe later when I have a baby,
  18. I don't have certain phobia to animals. It all fine as long as they don't touch me,
  19. I always do anything that I never want to do in my life. I embrace my fear one by one and it succeed,
  20. There is always plus and minus, ups and downs, pros and cons, best or worse, but nothing happen in this world that last forever. So move on to the right path and always do good to yourself and others. You'll never know to where life would take you someday.

Moshi Moshi!

it's beeen a looong tiiime! :'3 here I come back with my two favorite things they are a sushi and a cat.

Little Princess Thryara

Dear my little princess Thryara,
how are you? I know you've waited for it way too long. I'm sorry!

I can't believe my little princess is now turning a beautiful fairy Goddess. I clearly remember when you departed to Amsterdam wearing your cute Hello Kitty rubber shoes holding your favorite dolls. you were very tiny so I must lower my body to kiss your chubby cheek. today, I should keep my chin up just to talk to you. LOL time flies!

we miss you and of course
home is always waiting for you!