a diary of an empty-minded cat
おやすみ! neko


Diamonds Are Forever

a single thought came in just this morning after I took a walk. I was reflecting that mid night conversation. and I come to this... even when the littlest part of you was seen ugly don't bother to show them the rest. one don't deserve the greatest if one can't appreciate the littlest.
shine on you crazy diamond!





I have an extra time to do things that have been skipped a week ago. it was such an exhausting week yet still very fun! in order to get things orderly planned for next few weeks I really need some time off to review my to-do list. this thing is really new for me. I was a person who do everything spontaneously yet often miss the target I want to achieve. so, 'spontaneously' become the most avoided word from today and for forever. I want things are planned orderly and will be a plus for me if I could break down my short term plan so it's easier for me to execute from the easiest part to the most confusing one. and a least question for today is have you ever feel a very burning desire?